Podcast: Syrian Prison Literature and the Poetics of Human Rights (with Shareah Taleghani)

This is a conversation with Shareah Taleghani, Assistant Professor of Middle East Studies and Arabic at Queens College at the City University of New York and the author of the book “Readings in Syrian Prison Literature: The Poetics of Human Rights” published by Syracuse University Press. This is episode 93 of The Fire These Times podcast.

Topics Discussed:

  • Background and context, Syrian prison literature
  • Poetics of human rights, and how Syrian prison literature affected her view of human rights
  • On Tadmor military prison
  • On censorship, arbitrariness and tanfis in Syria
  • Arab critics, literature and human rights
  • Effects of truth
  • Universality of prison literature
  • Syrian prison literature and the 2011 revolution
  • Selective solidarity and global prison abolitionism (US, Iran, Syria)

Also Mentioned:

Recommended Books:

  • The Shell by Mustafa Khalifa
  • A Dove in Free Flight by Faraj Bayrakdar
  • Forced Passages by Dylan Rodríguez

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