Understanding Hamas: Anti-Authoritarian Perspectives – Remastered

In light of the genocidal onslaught against Palestinians in Gaza following the October 7th Hamas attack, we’ve decided to re-release an old episode on Hamas, Gaza, and Palestine-Israel. In this episode from June 2021 (episode 83), Joey interviews Tareq Baconi, author of the book “⁠Hamas Contained: The Rise and Pacification of Palestinian Resistance⁠” published in 2018. Baconi meticulously outlines the nature of Israel’s blockade on Gaza, the various aspects of Palestinian resistance to ongoing occupation, and contextualizes Hamas’s role, structure, and motives within this wider social and political struggle.

The audio is remastered and includes a new introduction by Joey that situates this conversation in the post Oct 7th reality.

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List of Topics Discussed

  • How Hamas is often talked about
  • Contextualising Hamas in recent and ongoing uprisings
  • Hamas and popular protests
  • The Great Return March
  • Hamas and Israel
  • Western hypocrisy on Palestinian democracy, with a focus on the EU and the US
  • Hamas-Fatah relations
  • The horrific costs of the Israeli blockade of Gaza
  • How the Israeli state views Hamas
  • Hamas breaking out of its ‘cage’
  • Does it matter who wins at the Israeli elections?
  • The PA losing legitimacy
  • Hamas’ authoritarianism in Gaza
  • Hamas as a democratic movement
  • Difference between party and government in Gaza
  • Moving beyond the framework of partition and into colonial and apartheid frameworks


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Episode Credits

Host: Joey Ayoub
Producer: Ayman Makarem
Music: Rap and Revenge
Main theme design: Wenyi Geng
Sound editor: Ayman Makarem
Episode design: Joey Ayoub

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