Bala Falsafi – First Episode!

Welcome to Bala Falsafi, a storytelling podcast between two close friends, Ayman Makarem and Hisham Rifai. Join us as we sit on our fictitious balcony in Beirut talking about everything and nothing.

In this episode we talk about sleep during heatwave, the myth of a trilingual Lebanon, and explain why we chose the name Bala Falsafi.

This is a new podcast made in collaboration with The Fire These Times. It’s currently available only on Spotify, with other platforms, as well a Youtube, to come.

Stay tuned for more episodes to come!

How to Support

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Episode Credits

Hosts: Hisham Rifai and Ayman Makarem
Producer: Ayman Makarem
Sound editor: Ayman Makarem
Cover Art: Hisham Rifai

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