Podcast: The Periphery and Aimé Césaire’s Ghosts in the Syrian Revolution (with Fadi Bardawil)

This is a conversation with Fadi Bardawil, his 2nd time on the podcast. Bardawil is an anthropologist who researches the Leftist tradition in the Arab world. In this episode, we talked about two essays he’s written: “Forsaking the Syrian Revolution: An Anti-Imperialist Handbook” and “Critical Theory in a Minor Key to Take Stock of the Syrian Revolution“.

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What we talked about:

  • Thinking about the Syrian revolution
  • Aimé Césaire and Stalinism
  • Tension between Leftists in the Metropoles and Revolutionaries in the Peripheries
  • Learning from the Palestinian story
  • Domestic politics in the Metropoles becoming global politics
  • Focusing on wider trends instead of individual motives
  • Discourses that erase the Syrian revolution
  • Example of Hong Kong
  • Example of the Lebanese Left of the 60s

Recommended Books:

  • The Syrian Revolution: Between the Politics of Life and the Geopolitics of Death by Yasser Munif
  • الفظيع وتمثيله – ياسين الحاج صالح
  • Readings in Syrian Prison Literature: The Poetics of Human Rights by R. Shareah Taleghani

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