Podcast: The Populist Hype, ‘the People’ and the Far Right (With Aurelien Mondon)

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This is a conversation with Aurelien Mondon, he’s a senior lecturer in politics, languages and international studies at the University of Bath and co-author of the 2020 book “Reactionary Democracy: How racism and the populist far right became mainstream” alongside Aaron Winter. This is episode 82 of The Fire These Times.

Topics Discussed

  • How has the far right been mainstreamed? Focus on US, UK and France
  • Liberal racism versus illiberal racism
  • The far right and why calling them ‘populism’ is problematic
  • What is ‘populist hype’ and how can the media be complicit?
  • How the ‘working class’ become racialized into the ‘white working class’
  • The role of elites in ‘reactionary democracy’
  • How our knowledge of the world is constructed
  • How the right has asphyxiated the media landscape
  • On echo chambers
  • The generational divide
  • The question of race and ‘populism’
  • ‘Populism’ and elections
  • The case of France

Books Recommended

  • Hatred of Democracy by Jacques Rancière
  • Racism without Racists: Color-Blind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in America by Eduardo Bonilla-Silva
  • Feminism, Interrupted by Lola Olufemi

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Music by Tarabeat.

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