76/ Confronting Antisemitism on the Left: Anti-Authoritarian Perspectives (with Daniel Randall)

This is a conversation with Daniel Randall. He’s a London-based railway worker and workplace representative for the National Union of Rail, Maritime, and Transport Workers and a member of the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty.

We spoke about antisemitism on the Left as Daniel has an upcoming book on this very topic.

Topics Discussed:

  • What is left antisemitism?
  • The ‘socialism of fools’
  • The difference between antisemitism and other forms of hatred
  • The impact of Moishe Postone in our understanding of this topic
  • Antisemitism as conspiracy theory in and of itself
  • How it impacts discourse on Israel-Palestine
  • The specific legacy of Stalinism on anti-Zionism
  • Anti-Zionism without Anti-Semitism
  • ‘Anti-Zionist Zionism’
  • Isaac Deutscher’s lifeboat metaphor for Israel in the 1940s
  • Understanding how one can be both a refugee and a settler
  • What’s wrong with saying ‘the Zionist entity’
  • Edward Said’s view on this
  • The example of Hindutva
  • The example of Lebanon
  • The pseudo-emancipatory character of antisemitism
  • Intersection between anti-semitism and islamophobia (‘great replacement’ conspiracy theory)
  • How Antisemitism Animates White Nationalism (reference to the essay by Erik Ward)
  • What happened in the UK Labor Party
  • Navigating sensitive discourses surrounding Israel-Palestine
  • On anti-nationalism

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