68/ Solarpunk, Youth Liberation and Why Revolution Needs Therapy (with Saint Andrew)

This is a conversation with Andrew, the Solarpunk Anarchist from Trinidad and Tobago behind the YouTube channel ‘Saint Andrewism.’

Topics Discussed

  • What is Solarpunk? Solarpunk Anarchism?
  • The problem with Greenwashing
  • How to talk about the climate & problems with the climate movement
  • Generational shifts in the climate movement
  • The importance of intersectionality
  • Switzerland’s voting patterns and the reaction to Covid-19 (tangent on my part)
  • Why the revolution needs therapy (Reading Ashanti Alston & bell hooks, community care and solidarity, dealing with emotional baggage in revolutionary settings)
  • Everyone needs feminism, including men
  • The risks of psychologizing patriarchal oppression (brought up episode 27)
  • Mutual Aid
  • Emotional Anarchism (brought up episodes 59/60)
  • On social media and their limitations
  • Growing up in Trinidad + some chat about that specific context (legacies of colonialism, colorism, patriarchy, class divides, government corruption, education system, black capitalism, crime)
  • Some interesting Trinidad and Lebanon intersections/differences
  • Addressing Gen-Zers as a Gen-Zer
  • Learning from past movements’ mistakes and successes
  • The past being taboo in Lebanon
  • Intersections between Solar Punk and Afro-Futurism
  • The radical roots of carnival (Trinidad, Notting Hill)
  • Discussions within anarchism

Recommended Books

What I recommended:

You’re Dead To Me podcast had a nice episode with Dr Meleisa Ono-George and Nathan Caton on the Notting Hill Carnival.

The TV mini-series Small Axe by Steve McQueen which looks at London’s West Indian community 1969 and 1982 and is based on real events.

The Black God’s Drums by P. Djèlí Clark

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Music by Tarabeat.

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