54. What Management Theory Can Learn From Anarchism

This is a conversation with Martin Parker and Thomas Swann, co-editors of the book “Anarchism, Organization and Management: Critical Perspectives for Students“.

Now I know what you must be thinking: anarchism and management? Aren’t they contradictory? ¬†Often, yes, but not necessarily, and this conversation will try and argue that they can work very well together, outside of a capitalist logic. In fact, my guests and I argued that engaging with both anarchism and management in a critical way may just be what we need today.

So if you’re a business or management student or know someone who is one, I’d be curious to hear from you. You don’t have to be one though (I’m not one either). 

“This book turns ideas [about how business should be done] on their head, asking awkward questions about authority, technology and markets and demanding that its readers think hard about whether they want to reproduce those ideas too.”

As always, music by Tarabeat.

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