Reflections on the first 50 Episodes

Hey everyone,

So this is a special episode in that it’s just me reflecting on the first 50 episodes that were released on The Fire These Times since March 14th 2020 as well as on upcoming projects.

The projects:

The Fire These Times: the podcast named after the James  Baldwin book ‘The Fire Next Time’. Its overarching philosophy is exploring ways to tackle the 21st century. Episodes so far have includes conversations on the 2019 Uprising in Lebanon, fascism in Greece,  Europe’s ‘refugee crisis’, Brexit, Hong Kong, the Syrian revolution, China’s concentration camps in Xinjiang, disinformation campaigns in the West, patriarchy, Ethiopia, the Jewish Bund, Venezuela and LGBTQ rights in the Arab world.

Hummus For Thought: the Lebanon-oriented blog launched during the Arab Spring in 2011 and which is now two things: a monthly newsletter featuring reflections and recommendations (subscribe here) and an upcoming series of monthly and bilingual (English/Arabic) conversations on Lebanon with people who live in Lebanon or who have left Lebanon. You can read the announcement here. upcoming website dedicated to resources on Lebanese Cinema as well as regional cinema (Palestinian, Israeli, Syrian, Turkish, Iraqi and Iranian).

Ecolere (no website yet): upcoming bilingual (English/Arabic) website dedicated to discussing the climate emergency, our digital lives, and everything in between. Co-created with my friend Christophe Maroun.

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