29. Gender, Representation and the Role of Women Journalists in Syria

This is a conversation with Rula Asad. She’s the co-founder and executive director of the Syrian Female Journalists Network (SFJN). Born in Damascus in 1983, she holds a BA in journalism from Damascus University. She is a freelance journalist and reporter covering women and human rights. She also reports on the issues faced by the Syrian Civil Society in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. She was among others a correspondent for German Deutsche Welle (DW) and for Dutch Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) in addition to a number of Europeans newspapers, magazines and websites. Rula is also an experienced researcher and trainer focusing on women’s rights, gender equality in the media as well development in the MENA region. Rula has been living in the Netherlands since 2012.

I wanted to have this conversation with Rula to discuss some of the challenges around the difficult topic of gender and representation in the context of Syria and of Syrian women within the journalism field more specifically.

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