19. Our Women on the Ground

This is a conversation with Lebanese-British journalist and editor Zahra Hankir. She’s the editor of the award-winning, best-selling anthology Our Women on the Ground which features 19 women reporters from the Middle East and North Africa.

The book includes essay by Donna Abu-Nasr, Aida Alami, Hannah Allam, Jane Arraf, Lina Attalah, Nada Bakri, Shamael Elnoor, Zaina Erhaim, Asmaa al-Ghoul, Hind Hassan, Eman Helal, Zeina Karam, Roula Khalaf, Nour Malas, Hwaida Saad, Amira Al-Sharif, Heba Shibani, Lina Sinjab, and Natacha Yazbeck.

Zahra spoke to me about the formation of this book and how she started following some of these reporters in the context of the 2011 uprisings throughout the region. I also asked her about how women reporters in the region navigate gender-based discrimination to get the stories they want told as well as her reflections on the politics of representation in the Western world.

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Music by Tarabeat. The featured photo is a modified version of the book cover of Our Women on the Ground.

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