Podcast: Denying Genocide, from Halabja to Ghouta

This is a conversation with Sabrîna Azad. She’s a writer who published a moving piece for Mangal Media entitled ‘From Halabja to Ghouta‘ in which she looked at how deniers of Assad’s war crimes in Syria were evoking painful memories for survivors of Saddam Hussein’s genocidal campaigns against Kurds. She spoke about the legacy of the Halabja massacre, part of the Anfal genocide of the late 80s, as well as the 1991 uprisings against Saddam and why they offer better insight into the world’s reaction to Syria since 2011 than the more frequently mentioned 2003 invasion of Iraq does.

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Further reading, proposed by Sabrina:

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The featured photo was taken from the Mangal Media article and was originally designed by Rahimiha.

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