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joey ayoub

Geneva-based writer, researcher and activist currently finishing a PhD on temporality and hauntings in postwar Lebanese cinema. Born in southern France in 1991, he grew up in the Mashreq eco-region in a Lebanese, Palestinian, Italian and Argentinian family and has lived in Ain Saadeh, Beirut, London and Edinburgh.

Affiliations: 2023 fellow at the Post Growth Institute, editor at Shado Mag, and a board member of the Domestic Workers Alliance Network (DoWAN).

Research associate at the Center for Social Sciences Research and Action and a member of Sustainability Transitions Research Network (STRN), Degrowth Switzerland, L’Observatoire de la Post Croissance et de la Décroissance (OPCD), and Anarchist Studies Network (ASN).


The Fire These Times benefits from various people who occasionally co-host. Here they are.

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