#AbolishKafala #يسقط_نظام_الكفالة

By Rawane Issa.

List of resources to educate yourself and support migrant domestic workers in Lebanon surviving and fighting the racist Kafala system.

Hashtags: #يسقط_نظام_الكفالة and #AbolishKafala. This is primarily for Twitter but the same hashtags should work on Facebook or Instagram.

First, donation channels put together by the American University of Beirut Secular Club:

More info here.

+ Fundraiser organised by Banchi Yimer of Egna Legna: Food and medicine for kafala victims in Lebanon.

Egna Legna’s GoFundMe pitch

+ Donate to This Is Lebanon. This is Lebanon (TIL), a project of Domestic Workers Unite (DWU), is a project run by a coalition of former domestic workers and activists demanding the protection of migrant domestic workers, and an end to labour exploitation and abuse, with the aim to effectively end government-sanctioned, modern-day slavery in Lebanon. We aim to empower domestic workers, informing them of their rights and supporting their access to justice. Our work combines campaigning and advocating through national and international media to bring this issue to the forefront and raise awareness among both the host population and the affected communities. We also provide legal and medical referrals, as well as emergency protective support.

To read:

The articles on the Kafala system and racism written by myself and others on Global Voices. (Disclosure: I was the MENA regional editor there between 2016 and 2019) and on Hummus For Thought (my private blog).

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