How do we build the new in the shell of the old?
How do we make it easier to imagine the end of capitalism than the end of the world?

Each week, Joey Ayoub and guests explore how to answer these questions and more.
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“A fascinating, ever-unconventional, deep dive into the work of international radicals, rebels, artists and troublemakers.”

— Molly Crabapple, award-winning artist, writer and author

“Exactly what we need in these times, a vehicle for in-depth discussions about our world’s most pressing issues.”

— Andrewism, Afro-Trinidadian Solarpunk anarchist, artist, youtuber and writer

“A rare and maybe unique space: a podcast that makes room not only for profound discussion but also for healing, solidarity, and hope, hosted by one of the most important social and political thinkers that we have.”

— Musa Okwonga, award-winning author, broadcaster and the co-host of the Stadio football podcaster

“One of my favorite podcasts. It reflects the breadth and depth of the interests of its host, from democracy movements all around the world to James Baldwin via degrowth and solarpunk. It creates solidarity and alliances around the world, while building intellectual bridges where none existed before. It’s the best.”

— Julia Steinberger, climate scientists and IPCC lead author

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