23. Syria, Performativity, and Being Rooted in the Local

This is a conversation with Shiyam Galyon. She’s a Syrian-American feminist writer who currently leads communications at War Resisters League, the oldest secular antiwar organization in the United States.

Shiyam has been thinking a lot about topics that I felt were important for us to discuss further for a wider audience. She’s able to skillfully tie in her support of the Syrian revolution with her support for LGBTQ rights everywhere, as well as explore the tensions around the right to narrate in both homeland and diaspora communities. We also spoke about my relationship to Beirut and the very idea of being rooted in the local, and we even touched upon recognising the importance of time and the fact that it should be okay to say that you don’t know something in activist circles.

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  • Jia Tolentino’s book ‘Trick Mirror’. Here’s an interview with Tolentino about the book.

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Music by Tarabeat. Photo via the UN on Unsplash, modified for this blog post. Original by Adam Niklewicz.

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